Behind Karahkat Design you can find two sisters Katariina & Kristiina.

Decorating our homes is an everyday hobby and passion for us. We constantly create new ideas and get inspired by everything beautiful around us. Starting a business together has been a dream for both us for a long time and it's wonderful to finally make our ideas to products and get them also available to you.


''Karahkat'' is an old finnish word which means ''branches''.

Our business got it's name from our hobby -- we love beautiful unique branches. We collect them from the nature to decorate our homes and knot macrame art around them. 

We design our products together and make them by hand in Finland. We also collect unique handcrafted pieces from around the world to our collection.

Recycled materials, natural materials and making old to something new is typical for us in our home decoration and it shows in our product design too. We always think first about the ecological options in our product design. Using recycled materials restricts making big quantities of the same model, but it makes our items also more unique. Handmade products guarantee good quality, because we can select the best and most flawless pieces among recycled materials.

Hope you find something inspirational for you from our shop!